“Tech Taking Over”

A self-contained, format, hosted travel show by Andreea Borcea

*Note: As this is a pitch, expenses were kept low for this quick concept intro.*

Logline: A global adventure exploring technological innovations and their implications on our lives now and in the future.


Nerd out with Andreea as she hangs out with some of the coolest innovators on the planet! We’ll play with awesome gadgets and geek out as we discuss the future implications of these advancements. Guests include inventors, innovators, economists, medical professionals, philosophers, historians etc. Viewers get to geek out with some of the most innovative minds in the world! These are the people that are uniquely brilliant, incredibly quirky and remarkably strange, and will ensure that each episode brings the great characters we expect from good TV shows. And more so, viewers get to experience the coolness of playing with 3D printers, Japanese androids, Artifical Intelligence and Virtual Reality.

In fact, Andreea’s already been uploaded into the VR world when she was hanging out at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies! And in a skirt!


Yes, this is a fun global ride for people that love to check out the latest technology Yes, this show will take you behind the scenes to check out the competitive side of coding and innovation races; like Google, Facebook & Microsoft are competing to be the first to provide sustainable wifi in remote Africa. Can we psych them out?

Yes, this is an opportunity for some awesome conversations about the fear and

Technology LOVES me!

Technology LOVES me!

excitement technology brings; i.e. which terrifying future will play out?! Terminator? Battlestar Gallactica? Star Trek? How close are we to the Singularity? (the point where robots are smarter than people) Are we building a better global community? Or is some 12 year-old hacker going to destroy the internet? And would we survive it?!

Yes, the show is all these things. But the show also has a heart. There are incredible advancements, not just in the cool sense, but also in the life-changing. Andreea will meet with survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing and show how their cutting edge bionics are helping to rebuild their life. She will take you to experience companionship advancements in Japan; a robotic pet seal that are helping people live longer in hospice. She will introduce you to soldiers overcoming PTSD by using their computer and webcam to open up to a virtual counselor.

This is the tech show you don’t want to miss!

More about the host, Andreea:

andreea-232-EditI have a passion for innovation and I love discussing the philosophical implications of our advancements. I can humanize even the geekiest of conversations so that the average viewer can understand the technology and societal implications. As Director of Global Digital Innovation for a multi-billion dollar health company, I pioneered the development of digital tools to empower people to take better control of their health. As co-host of Farstuff: The Internet of Things podcast, I explore the cutting edge of IoT technology and its implications on society, culture and daily life. Most importantly, I started my career in Television, producing and editing for MCNs (A&E, THC, Bio) and independent projects. I have the experience and creative talent to assist with production and post-production tasks as necessary to ensure we have a great show. Through my professional connections, I can gain access to high-level innovators across the globe.


High-level Sample Show Topics:

Ep. The Evolution of Personal Transportation

  • Self-driving cars – from initially clunky SUV models in the first DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004 to the officially sanctioned self-driving Google car in 2014.
  • Combining the service of Uber/Lyft with Automated vehicles, could our Car-Obsessed Culture shift to one of cars becoming just another mode of “public” transportation?
  • Cities, Counties and States rely on revenue from car ownership and car owner mistakes (traffic & speeding tickets, DMV fees), but who pays when the cars are self-driving? Can society balance the benefits of a world without auto accidents with the lack of funds coming in?
  • Potential guests:
    • Chris Urmson, project lead Google’s self-driving car
    • Paul Newman and Ingmar Posner from University of Oxford’s Mobile Robotics Group
    • Miles Garner, Autonomous Vehicles Programe Director from RDM based in Coventry


Ep. Cyborgs and the Evolution of the Human-Robotic Body

  • Quick look at the evolution of prosthetics from wooden legs to modern day super-prosthetics & body enhancements:
    • Swimsuit banned from Olympics for being too performance-enhancing
    • Advanced prosthetic leg that allowed Boston Marathon victims to dance again
    • Artificial retinas to restore sight in blind people
  • Implants
    • Collective intelligence – the Remembrance Agent and Wearables allows users to pull not just from their personal experiences, but from the experiences of anyone in the collective.
    • The DIY Biohacker movement – DIY implantable sensors & enhancements
  • Potential guests:
    • Hugh Herr, PhD, Biomechatronics Group Director, MIT – “Smart Prosthetic Leg”
    • Sheila Niremberg, Cornell University – Artificial retina
    • Melanie Neal, Senior Garment Engineer Aqualab, Speedo International from 1983-2012, Developed the LZR Racer swimsuit, Leicester, UK
    • Tim Cannon, the DIY Biohacker, implanted a biometric sensor under his tattoo – Germany
    • Thad Starner, the Remembrance Agent – MIT Media Lab

Ep. The Internet is Evolving us into Global Community

  • Our best bet for global free wi-fi starts in a seemingly unlikely place – Africa.
    • Google’s Project Loon, Microsoft’s TV Whitespace and Facebook’s Titan drones all look to build internet access where there is no existing infrastructure to impede connectivity.
  • Coding creates a perfect level playing field
    • Without the need for formal education, coders everywhere can directly influence the world and make a living.
      • Making countries like China, India, Kenya, Belarus etc. significantly more influential than ever before.
  • Potential guests:
    • Judith Owigar – President of Akirachix, a Kenyan Women’s Coding Group
    • Ajay Sharma – Co-founder of Trigma, a coding company in Chandigarh India that is growing exponentially
    • Генадзь Караткевіч, Gennady Korotkevich, (Born: 1994), winner of multiple coding challenges, Belarus

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